The Home of Hope and Dreams. (HHD)
Kyasanku Kizzi  LC1 ,Mpigi Town Council


Restoring hope to the underprivileged children and families, by providing an assurance of basic needs, psychosocial support and a loving environment.

For a child who has been neglected, abused or faced other life threatening situations, we take the initiative to restore hope for a better life.


Enabling orphans and other vulnerable children regain hope for a better future, with access to basic needs, a loving and supportive environment.


  1. To address the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children without prejudice to their race, tribe, creed of religion and gender.
  2. To restore hope to orphans and other vulnerable children through reintegration with their biological families and fostering.
  3. To strengthen the capacity of guardians in order to meet as far as possible the physical, psychosocial, economic and spiritual needs of their children at home and school.
  4. To enable children access an environment where they feel safe, respected and valued.