The Home of Hope and Dreams. (HHD)
Kyasanku Kizzi  LC1 ,Mpigi Town Council

Working together with the Probation Office and the Child and Family Protection Unit at Mpigi Police, we always have to be ready and able to receive a child for emergency care. Every child is always welcome in the Home of Hope & Dreams and will receive all the care and protection they need; given to them by our dedicated team members or other professionals.

After admission we make a individual care plan to give the best care possible. Target is to place this child back with a family within one year. This will be achieved by working close together with directly involved parties such as biological relatives. Through family strengthening we hope to achieve our goal to place a child (under our direct supervision and with strict post – placement care) back in a family, either biological or foster / adoption.

In some cases it is not possible for a child to grow up with biological relatives, or in a foster / adoption family. For those children we still offer residential care at our premises in Kyasanku, Mpigi until 18 years of age. These children will be supported with healthy nutrition, good medical care, quality education and a loving environment.