The Home of Hope and Dreams. (HHD)
Kyasanku Kizzi  LC1 ,Mpigi Town Council

Our efforts are used towards keeping families together and offering reunification support and kinship care. In other cases, we facilitate foster care, adoption or residential care.

HHD strives to ensure families are kept together, through offering guidance and support towards reunification and kinship care. The Home of Hope and Dreams works hand in hand with the Probation Office, Mpigi district as well as The Child and Family Protection Office at Mpigi Police, to identify vulnerable children and/or families and further do psychosocial support and family tracing.

In other cases such as where a child is an orphan as no relative is willing or capable of taking care of him/her, HHD works with the relevant stakeholders to facilitate foster care, adoption or residential care.

During our operation years, The Home of Hope and Dreams has taken care of 31 children of whom 18 are boys and 13 are girls. From the 31 children, 12 have been discharged as follows; 4 have been reunited with their biological families, 4 have been adopted and 4 are being fostered. Currently, there are 19 children (9 boys, 10 girls) in the home and efforts are being made to resettle more children.